I’m Tjitske Storm, freelance designer from Amsterdam, and I like to create. My style is eclectic – bold, clean or colorful. My main personal inspirations are nature, animals and organic geometry. Want to know more? Check out my portfolio and let’s have a coffee. 

concept development
My design process kicks off with an extensive interview and brainstorm about your idea. Through specific questions and remarks I get an understanding of your needs and together we define a strong base for your concept. This is continued by profound research about trends and business examples related to the topic, from where I will develop an original vision. To visualize the newborn concept I make use of inspirational images, colour cards and sketches elaborated with a clear narrative and design guidelines; the foundation for further creative development. 
artworks & patterns 
I offer pattern & artwork design for any kind of surface, from idea to realization. Patterns can be placed as single artworks or made into all-over repeats. Any project includes sketching, designing and technical execution. My knowledge about various production techniques, materials and colour-management makes opportunities endless.
  • Interior textiles like carpets and wallpapers
  • Fashion textiles like clothing and accessories
  • Print-media materials like posters, stationary and photo-shoot backdrops
  • Any other surface you would like. I also make silk-screen prints by hand. 
graphic design
I develop traditional graphic design too, such as brand materials and marketing tools. If needed, I can outline an authentic graphic identity for your goal and its audience or I use the existing (brand) identity of your project as a guideline for the graphic output.
  • Catalogues and flyers
  • Logos and brand identities
  • Custom artworks, posters and stationary
  • Packaging
  • Websites (WordPress)
My illustrative work is organic yet graphical and can be hand-drawn, digital or mixed media, depending on your project. An extra touch can be given through the use of versatile painting techniques, handmade silk-screen print or 3-D embellishments and features. 
I have over 8 years of experience in writing and editing for the international trend magazine WeAr Global Magazine. I often use this skill in my design projects as well, to capture clear stories about concept and design. This can help in defining your project and reinforce the visuals.
Besides my main skills and experience, I’m always excited to use my creativity in other ways as well. So if you have a great idea or question, just shoot.
Some of the clients I have worked for as freelancer or during my time at Marcel Wanders. You can find more information when scrolling through my website.
get in touch

I would like to hear about your ideas and projects. 

A-LAB, Overhoeksplein 2, Amsterdam